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You Pod camera stabilizer for hand held film, video and still photographers

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Reviewed and scored 4 out of 5 by DV Magazine January 2009 Written by Iain Stasukevich

"DeFoe Tech has really nailed the basic concept behind modular design by providing a practical and highly customizable product with the right amount of options...It's affordable... lightweight, yet rugged and simple."

Read DV Magazine review of You Pod on DV website .. RRead DV You Pod review here on the defoetech website

"First I want to say I love my You Pod 8x75! I bought the You Pod for my HVX200 and up until getting this great gizmoI had such trouble using my HVX hand-held. I am a smaller female, and the HVX is heavy enough. But to try and make it work with other shoulder mounts and the HVX finder ( I had tried 3 others) has always been a challenge.  (Once I got the You Pod I knew it was just right and ended up selling my Birns and Sawyer shoulder mount.) This is perfect!"

Kija K. Manhare Videographer Long Beach, CA
(using basic You Pod with 3 like handles and no pad. Tee knobs for locks)

"Hello Greg,Thank you for building such a wonderful product! We have used it more than we ever imagined! Once we realized we could attach it to our monopod we went crazy using the You Pod. We still want to add some more options to our You Pod. We will order those in a few weeks...Thanks Again," Scott Murphy Chief Editor Talkin' Frogs Video Design & Production Inc.
You Pod 8X1.0 for the Pro with larger cameras or wanting a more robust rig   You Pod 8X75 for the Pro with HDV DVCAM XDCam etc.   You Pod 8X75 for Video SLR's 5D 7D GH1   You Pod 8X75 for smaller camcorders
Red on You POd #8X1.0   You Pod #8X75 with shoulder pad     You Pod with camcorder
You Pod #8X1.0 Arri 235   You Pod #8X75 with body brace    
You Pod #8X1.0   You Pod #8X75 with shoulder pad     camera held overhead for POV or clear line of sight
Red Tripod   Low Tripod at almost any direction     Tripod almost any direction


Matte Boxes For Film, Video and HD Cameras, Video Assist for Film Cameras,

Custom Design and Manufacturing, CCD & CMOS camera packages.

Zeiss, Cooke, Canon, Cannon, Nikon, Nikkor, Fujinon, Arri, Arriflex, MOVIECAM, Aaton, Mitchell

Panasonic, Sony, JVC

Video Assist Products for Film Cameras Video Assist Color CCD Arri, Aaton, Moviecam, Fries Mitchell Color Video Assist for Aaton XTR and LTR cameras Color Video Assist for A-minima B&W Video assist Arri SR1 SR2
Video Assist Products for Film Cameras
Video Assist Products for Film Cameras
Shading / Filtering For Pro Film & Video
Clip-On Matte Box 110-115mm Range without adapters, Cooke S4 Arri Ultra  Primes Etc. Can Adapt To Any Smaller Front Diameter. Two 4 X 5.65  Filter Stages, Plus 1 Stage Easily Inserts And  Rotates 4.5 Round Filters Such As A Polarizer. Eyebrow / Flag and Rod Support Available. Clip-On Matte Box 95mm fronts Arri Ultra primes Canon Zooms Etc. Adapt To Any <. 4x5.65 2 Stage, 4.5 Rotating For Pola etc. 5.65 x 5.65 3 stage matte box Rota Pola front and back

Designs & Mfg. for Hi-Tech Video Cameras

Designed Video camera housing including IR LED's for PIXIM Inc. Pixin camera housing Pixim Camera Parts Pixim with clear cover
Microscope Modification Workspace Enlargement
Custom Designs & Mfg. for Hi-Tech
Custom Designs & Mfg. for Hi-Tech
Lab / Development camera or imager platform designed for PIXIM Inc. Demonstration camera  package designed for PIXIM Inc. Over 200 units manufactured. Imager sytem designed for PIXIM inc for socket quick release changing of imager chips ND filter calibration cells made for Genentech Inc.
Retail Display Security Systems Loss Prevention
shown room for 3 Notebooks , One installed. This is a security system for retail store display of Notebook computers. Patented Notebook Security Display Patented Laptop Secure Display Patented Note Book secure display  
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